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Pavement Condition_2021_01_21.jpg


Current pavement condition data from the Town’s Pavement Management System was analyzed to determine the conditions of roadways today. Findings show:

  • Good to Excellent Conditions: 72% of streets evaluated.

  • Areas of Concern: Arterials segments with some of the poorest pavement conditions include Guadalupe Road, Elliot Road, Gilbert Road, and Val Vista Drive.

  • Pavement quality is generally in worse condition in the northern portion of the Town, which may be attributed to the age of the streets in comparison to the newly built roads south of SR 202.


To create multimodal travel solutions to improve traveling in and through Gilbert, it is important to understand where current congestion issues occur. As illustrated on the right, congestion levels vary throughout the Town.

  • Congestion on Major Streets: 74% of major streets evaluate have moderate to low congestion levels.

  • Areas of Concern: Some segments of Cooper Road, Lindsay Road, Val Vista Drive, Guadalupe Road, Warner Road, Ray Road, Pecos Road, Germann Road and Ocotillo Road and have the highest congestion levels in the Town.

Top 5 Congested Intersections:

  1. Chandler Heights Road and Higley Road

  2. Ray Road and Lindsay Road

  3. Pecos Road and Power Road

  4. Ray Road and Gilbert Road

  5. McQueen Road and Elliot Road



As illustrated on the left, congestion levels have drastically increased during morning and evening commute hours since 2010. Streets north of SR 202 have seen a significant increase in congestion, especially on north-south corridors connecting to the US-60.

Congestion Increase_2021_01_21.jpg


Did you know that in Gilbert a crash occurs every 3 hours?  Between 2015 and 2019, over 15,000 crashes have occurred within the Town. Key crash analysis findings show:

  • Crashes have increased by more than 18% since 2015.

  • Crashes occurring at intersections account for 59% of all crashes.

Priority, High Injury Intersections:

  1. Elliot Road and Val Vista Drive

  2. Guadalupe Road and Val Vista Drive

  3. Guadalupe Road and Lindsay Road

  4. Ray Road and Recker Road

  5. Germann Road and Higley Road



The efficient movement of freight, goods, and packages is extremely important to Gilbert and the region’s economic prosperity. Gilbert has designated specific roadways as “principal truck routes”. By doing so, trucks can have more direct service and the impact of truck travel along a single corridor is eliminated.

Truck Routes_2021_01_21.jpg


Using a variety travel data information, we can begin to understand where  Gilbert residents are traveling to and where our visitors are coming from. Key findings show:

  • 22% of people that work in Gilbert live in Gilbert (US Census)

  • For trips originating in Gilbert, trips are primarily to destinations in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, or Phoenix.

  • Trips to Gilbert for work, are primarily from trips originating in Gilbert, Mesa, Florence, and Pinal County.